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Almost all of the photographs are free from digital manipulation apart from alterations to contrast and a small amount of sharpening.

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Bespoke Photography | Cardiff & Penarth

I have been taking photographs for over 30 years. I started off in my late teens using a small Kodak Instamatic cassette camera and progressed to an Olympus OM10 35mmSLR back in the days when the only medium you could use was film.
It is only within the last ten years with the advent of digital technology that I have been taking photography seriously as a hobby.
I currently use a Canon EOS 50D camera and I tend not to specialise in any form of photography; I take pictures of what I think will look good and what appeals to me; luckily it coincides with what most people like.
It is the appreciative comments of my family and many friends that has prompted me to show you my photographs on the world wide web.
One of my aims is to take a photograph “as it is” and not to rely on digital manipulation as seems to be the fashion these days. Almost all of these photographs have only had the contrast changed and the softness removed by sharpening. (photographs that come out of a digital camera are slightly soft on the edges)
I hope you enjoy what you see.